Oryx Impact


What is impact investing?

Impact investing strives to create a net positive impact based on financial, environmental and social returns. These impacts should be intentional and measurable to be able to ensure their positive contribution to society.

Global challenges such as: inequality, migration and climate change, to name a few, can be addressed by private and public capital being channelled into investments with purpose. Economic return on investment is a key driver and a prerequisite for the success of impact investing at Oryx Impact.


We believe that investments in Africa will lead to greater economic resilience and sustainable development in the region

- Impact Measurement -

Impact measurement is at the core of our DNA

Oryx Impact complies with the recognized standards on impact measurement and integrates impact into each step of its investment process. Oryx Impact metrics are based primarily on IRIS and 2X Challenge indicators, a set of standardized metrics that are used to measure and describe the social (including gender), environmental, and financial performance of organizations and businesses receiving impact investment capital, and are aligned with the UN SDGs.