Oryx Impact



We believe aligning values with investment is the only way forward

Oryx Impact unlocks growth opportunities in Africa and increases private capital flows by investing in funds with strong local presence and networks and by seeking co-investments into companies, ultimately providing growth capital to SMEs and businesses generating essential goods and services. Oryx Impact applies a gender lens at SME and fund level, proactively seeking women-led management teams that in turn are more likely to invest in female-led businesses.

Oryx Impact fosters the eco-system of impact fund managers investing in Africa, with a substantial focus on local, women-led and emerging fund managers. Through its trajectory, Oryx Impact has been able to validate its thesis by meeting with and conducting analysis on more than 200 fund managers investing in Africa. Additionally, Oryx Impact will support emerging funds with a Technical Assistance (TA) facility to professionalize ESG and Impact measurement and management (IMM) practices. 


Each outcome area has a number of key impact indicators that help us track progress of each investment

Economic Development & Job Creation

More SMEs offer stable/ high quality jobs producing long- term economic value.

 Oryx Impact indicators include:

Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation

More sustainably managed natural resources and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

More SMEs offer access to clean energy.

Oryx Impact indicators include:

Gender Equality

More SMEs integrate gender equality.

More SMEs offer products and services that empower women and girls.

Oryx Impact indicators (2X Challenge compliant) include:


We foster local talent. Together we build our future

We aim to add value to our partners through:

  • Assistance in formulating, managing and monitoring impact objectives
  • Guidance on how to implement impact in the investment process, based on in-house expertise and standard industry practice developed by EVPA, GIIN, IFC, etc.
  • Enhancing ESG criteria, based on milestones aligned with the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) applied in the investment process
  • Reduction of the ESG risk through improvement of ESG management, especially related to:
    • Environmental impact objectives
    • Anti-discrimination policies
    • Governance policies
  • Provision of technical assistance to emerging fund managers

Furthermore, Oryx Impact has a long term vision of working with Africa-based partners and as such aims to help build stable and well experienced impact-focused teams of fund managers, who would become reference names for impact investing in Africa.

In 2021, Oryx Impact has been selected part of SpainNAB, The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG)’s Spanish representative, aiming to build an ecosystem committed to impact investing. SpainNAB joins forces with all stakeholders in the Spanish sector with the objective of building a committed impact investing community, ensuring the integrity of this rapidly growing industry in Spain and beyond. From Oryx Impact we will contribute to the promotion and consolidation of an economy that fosters positive social and environmental impact.

Since early 2022, Oryx Impact has been a member of the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) to learn from and support the European impact investing sector. EVPA is a lively community of organisations sharing the same vision and a common goal: creating positive societal impact through venture philanthropy and social investments.


Africa presents an enormous economic opportunity for investment, whilst ensuring inclusive and sustainable economic growth